RebelAnt TradeBeats - developed by a Trader, for Traders - enables fast audio / visual cues to help you understand the pace and action in the market.

By pairing high performance audio processing technology with a visual representation which doesn't get in the way of your chart, we give you a multisensory experience of the trades being executed at every moment. Trades are 'reconstructed' so it's possible to get a feel for size hitting bids / lifting offers. The volume and visual appearance adjust to the conditions in the market to ensure large size is shown appropriately and with louder volume. Can be configured to filter out trades below a certain size threshold. Stereo is used so that buys and sells come from different sides. Without over complicating things, this indicator gives an amazing sense of what's going on in the market. After a short time using it, you start to learn that it can be used like an alert service if its rumbling away in the background - you can finally walk away to make a coffee during busy periods, without wondering if the move you've been waiting for is starting without you. One word of warning - after having used it, if you try to trade without it, you'll feel lost - it's addictive :)

Play the video below to have a look and a listen. It also pairs well with RebelAntDVS which can overlay its summary row within the same Panel, saving precious screen space.