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Delta Visualization with RebelAntDVS

A thorough understanding of price action is a good start to generating profit, but in today's algo driven markets, bespoke software can make the difference between a marginal edge and consistent profitability.

Our best in class product RebelAntDVS is a Delta Visualization System designed to deliver a modern view of OrderFlow.

Once you see what you've been missing, you'll never go back - this isn't just an Indicator - it will change your understanding of the market's behaviour.

How does it enhance my trading ?

Add one or more of our zones to your chart manually or set them to automatically update to create an endless variety of rolling zones to analyze in realtime. Watch as areas and levels of congestion build up and are highlighted to you as they become more important. These zones will take the guesswork out of your standard technical analysis and enable you to fine tune your setups.

One reason your current setups aren't quite as reliable as you'd like is that you're unaware of the presence (or lack) of Delta extremes at your entry and exit locations. Being able to watch the buildup of Delta Extremes, Volume Nodes and Anchored VWAP will Enhance your Edge.